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About Us


Pat's Small Engine LLC was formed in June 2002 by Patrick Duncanson.  Up until 2004 the focus of the business was simply engine repairs.  Business was ran from Pat's residence.  Repairs and parts were managed in his two-stall garage.

In March of 2004, www.www.wburke-lendings.com became live online with the concept of offering items with better pricing than that of active competition.  Flat rate shipping costs to the customer, regardless of order size, was just under $6.


When the first million in sales hit in 2005, followed by another million record sales soon to follow, ground was broken in April 2007 for the commercial location.  With over 10,000 square footage for warehouse, sales, and repairs, Pat's Small Engine Plus had its grand opening in May 2008.

The first mower lines were picked up at this time and consisted of Dixon and Bobcat Turf.


Successful growth required a second level warehouse expansion in 2011, followed by a second expansion in 2013.  Pat's Small Engine currently carries over 23 OEM lines, innumerable aftermarket lines, and moves an average of 200 shipped orders per day.

Pat's Small Engine offers year round repair shop service,  showroom floor with seasonal changes, and will call desk.


2018 New Building and Location
On 12/6/2017 we purchased our new property located at 20912 Hwy 65 in East Bethel MN. This new location will bring our Retail business to a whole new level, going from an industrial zone with less than a 1000 cars a day to a location with over 50,000 cars a day, plus the land has an additional 3 acres for future expansion. The following pictures are from day one to present time.
12/6/2017, purchased the new land. 4+ acres on HWY 65 in East Bethel.
12/16/2017, brick work begins.
1/27/2018, brick work done, on to the roof.
3/31/2018, roof is on, concrete is done and offices are getting built.
7/26/2018, shut-down for a week to move to new facility. Oops, due to so much inventory the move takes an additional week. 8/6/2018 finally reopen in new State of the Art facility. With new 3000 Square Foot Showroom Dedicated to Zero Turn Mowers, Pats Small Engine now has the Largest Zero Turn Showroom in Minnesota.
  Grand Opening coming May 4th 2019
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